Your love is fierce.
Her engagement ring should be too.

Your ring is an expression of your personality and love story. At Lauren Belle Jewelry, our goal is to create an elegant, classic and quality ring that will leave a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.

While creating a custom engagement ring or wedding band may seem overwhelming, Lauren Belle Jewelry has simplified the process and made even complex designs accessible. Your special design will be made by combining world-class consulting, 3D technology and dedicated artistry. In many instances, your ring will be hand-crafted right here in Dallas. During your consultation, either over the phone or in person, our design team will help you pick the perfect diamond & gather all necessary design requirements in order to build a 3D Rendering or Computer Aided Design (CAD) for you. Go from her Pinterest board to ring in hand, typically within 30 days!

Avoid dealing with inexperienced sales associates (trying to meet monthly quotas) and speak directly with the owner of Lauren Belle Jewelry in a personal meeting. You will receive invaluable answers to all your questions, browse through a curated jewelry & diamond selection (that meet YOUR specific needs), choose the perfect center stone and begin the process of designing the ring of her dreams!

*All Scheduled Consultations include: Computer Aided Design (if necessary), professional Jewelry Appraisal (for insurance purposes), Professional Jewelry Cleaner & Polishing Cloth. Don’t settle for a mass-produced ring from a big-box store. Instead, work with the most meticulous in the industry (so we’re told) and Schedule your Consultation today!

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Choose Center Stone

Picking the right diamond(s) or gem stone is as unique a process as the special person you are purchasing them for. Whether it be a beautiful emerald cut, oval, round or something in between, we’ll find the perfect gem for your budget and bride. All diamonds & gem stones are ethically sourced and verified with the highest standards.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Envisioning your special new project may seem daunting. Not to fear! You will have the opportunity to see conceptual versions of your ring before it is made. As a part of the consulting process, we will create a 3D CAD model which will show various angled renders of your custom project. Images of your model will be sent to you for both approval and any modifications you may require for your design.

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Production & Finished Product

Your ring will be as unique as your love. Style abounds as much as personality, so the design and style of your ring will be custom designed to your liking. Our craftsmen start your project from scratch - meticulously creating your ring with the utmost attention to detail and care.

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